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Claire Spencer


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The Modern English word weird came to refer to things that seemed to happen by magic or that were strange, unusual, or mysterious.


WEIRD: of strange or extraordinary character : ODDFANTASTIC, MAGICAL



My newsletter is a window into my life's work of being an "enthusiast." My greatest source of energy comes from drawing on my own curated web of inspiring ideas and individuals to reveal connections and new directions to understand and explore.

Esemplastic: "Having the ability to shape diverse elements or concepts into a unified whole: the esemplastic power 
​of a great mind to simplify the difficult."


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You are fucking incredible.

Flynn Skidmore

I make the party better.

I love you!

Many, many people.

I love you too.

I'm so proud of you.

My mom.


I'm proud of me too.

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How relating impacts business.


About Me

I experience humanity as a vibrant mycelial network. A resilient, healthy world depends not only on the strength and empowerment of each individual but on the health and strength of the connections between all of us.

"Community is Medicine" is a framework for understanding all our relating through a ceremonial lens. In ceremony, we observe our experiences as insight into our own beliefs and patterns. When life stops happening "to us" and experiences become gifts of greater awareness, we are empowered to choose our fate and our future.

"Curiosity is the Cure" is the belief that by choosing an exploratory lens, we experience more joy, more opportunity, more health and more wellbeing than by operating as a closed system.

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